About Us

OMSCO is an established family owned company providing graphic design services, custom signs and digital prints / printing for all of your large format needs.

With the increase in demand for more unique ways to display signage, modern technologies have allowed for more cost effective ways to produce them. Although digital printing has been around for some time, the equipment capabilities and processes continue to evolve.
We focus on developing the synergies of our commitment to customer service and quality, whilst incorporating the latest technological advantages.

Our focus is to provide excellence in three areas:

  • Customer service
  • Rapid response to customer needs
  • High quality products

We value our client interactions and work with you to develop a strong and supportive working relationship to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. We believe this is underpinned by our rapid response time which ensures high-speed turnaround solutions for our customers. Our focus on high quality products, using the latest technology in large-format digital printing, guarantees total client satisfaction.

Your needs drive our business. Reaching the market quickly helps to maintain your competitive advantage and we fully support that process. We also acknowledge that there are times when flexibility is required, without compromising quality and turn-around time. We are committed to working with you to achieve these aims.